Conference "Power of Grace"

June 7-8, 2019

Dear friends!
We invite you to the conference “Power of Grace” with the participation of Pastor Alexey Kolomiytsev. For more information about the conference, see below.

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Main idea and schedule for the Conference “The Power of Grace”

The gospel of Jesus Christ is radically different from any other religion that exists on the earth. Its root is in saving grace, emanating from the wide and loving God's heart. Despite the frequent use of the term “grace” in religious circles, its true meaning remains unclear to very many Christians. Scripture gives it to him great attention, putting him at the very center of man’s relationship with God.

What is saving grace? What role does she play in the spiritual birth and the Christian of life? What is its practical effect? Answers to these and many others like questions will be presented at the Power of Grace conference. The reason for this The following scripture will serve as Titus 2: 11-14


Friday June 7th

June 8, Saturday

June 9, Sunday

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